About me

I am a UX guy that combines passion in psychology, human-centered design, accessibility and technology to improve the impact of Nonprofits.

Niklas Jordan A picture of me during a consultation.

Services I can help you with

UX Research

UX research provides a window into your volunteers’ and donors’ world: from what they need to what makes them tick. Research takes the guesswork out of creating a great experience and give you the insight and evidence you need to make the right decisions.

UX research can help with all manner of challenges and questions, such as:

UX Design

I use UX design to help untangle social challenges, develop much more effective tools and make the world a better place.

It’s include:

UX Strategy

Strategy help to provide coherence and coordination across all of your digital projects, products and services. A strategic approach will provide you with a clear vision that ensures you get the most out of your mission.

Strategy services include:

Some clients

Here are some selected organisations I had the pleasure working with: Flüchtlingsrat Mecklenburg-Vorpommern/PRO ASYL (National Refugee initiative), Hamburger Fernhochschule (Non-profit university), Flüchtlingshilfe Schwerin (Local Refugee initiative), WIR. Erfolg braucht Vielfalt. (Initiative for civil courage and democratic engagement), Sea Shepherd (International Marine Wildlife Conservation Organization) and Laut gegen Rechts (Event series against racism).

I’ve also worked for a few named companys like Vodafone, Cinestar, Pohl Boskamp, 7S Group (Manpower), Abbvie, Carlsberg, Conergy and ColorLine.

You want better UX? Let’s go!