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UX can help NGOs solve complex challenges to their mission of improving the world a little, or of making it really better.

What is User Experience?

User experience (UX) is made up of all the experiences and impressions, whether positive or negative, a user has on your website. The user experience directly affects how well or badly your page works for the user. Does he find what he is looking for? Does he have fun? Is he annoyed? Is it easy to donate something? All these experiences are also linked to your organization.

Good vs. bad UX

Good UX is something that often remains undetected. It gives the user a sense of simplicity and elegance when using the site. It exists behind the scenes—in small details, useful functions, and supportive services. But as soon as something does not work as expected, we are annoyed. This frustration remains in our memory. And we associate our anger with your organization ...

Why is UX important for Nonprofits?

Matthew Martindale from GreatPositive says:

Good UX is a lot of things. But most importantly, it respects a person’s time and establishes trust. And, in the context of giving back — a person’s generosity. People contribute more when they can feel the problem and then the result of contribution.

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What is a UX Review

In a user experience check, we evaluate the usability of your website or your online store regarding common usability principles and best practices.

I will be looking for anything that stands out to us as being a problem with regard to the user experience, appearance, usability, and accessibility.

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What do you get from me?

The deliverable will be a document with snapshots and notes describing specific product areas that could be improved from a UX standpoint.

And even more:

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For free? Are you drunk? :confused:

Of course not. Everyone should help with what he can do well. And my talent is to provide the best services and products for users. The talent of many organizations is to find solutions and master challenges that come in the way of a better life, equality, or more consideration for nature. Unfortunately, the digital platforms are not used optimally. To change that, I offer my help.

However, there are some ground rules:

Last but not least, be fair. I can only offer the free UX review as long as I’m not exploited. If you can pay for this service: do it!


:smirk: Yep, I think everybody should give something more than he takes. In addition, I do not earn my money as a freelancer because I have a contract. So, I'm simply not relying on the money of such jobs. :wink: However, one must also honestly say that this UX review would not have the same size as a paid one. Usually, average UX review needs 5–10 days. I invest for the free review one day.

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