Hej – I am Niklas 👋

Technology advocate by day,
Earth science student by night.

This picture shows a satellite image of Arizona in the United States. Most parts of the image are light to dark brownish orange. In the middle of the image two red wild fires can be seen and large smoke trails drift across the landscape.
I use Earth observation to understand changes in environmental or humanitarian issues. Here you see how large fires are raging in Arizona, USA (June 21, 2021; modified Copernicus Sentinel-2 data/Sentinel Hub).

I am passionate about natural hazards, Earth observation, climate, data science, open data, low-cost technology, human rights & tech ethics. Yep, I have lots of interests. Oh wait, one more thing to know: I love rough weather!

👨‍💻 Technologist, with focus on exploring and defending Earth and society.
🔬 Studying Earth Science at The Open University.
🛰 Democratize satellite data with OpenSpaceData.org.
🌋 Founder of DisasterTech, a community that help people in crisis situations.
🎙 Hosting the Hotspot Podcast about natural hazards.
🌳 Writing a monthly newsletter about People, Planet & Technology.

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About the author

A photo of me, Niklas Jordan. I wear a cap with the patagonia brand logo on it, black glasses and a grey shirt, and I'm smiling. In the backgroundThe background shows a blurred heath landscape. The photo is somewhat orange, because it was taken during the sunset.

Hey, I am Niklas Jordan. A full-time TechForGood dude and part-time Earth science student. I am passionate about natural hazards, Earth observation, human rights, climate, data science, low-cost technology & tech ethics. I am hosting a podcast about naturual hazards and technology, publish a monthly newsletter about people, planet & technology and found a international community about open source disaster tech. Oh wait, one more thing to know: I love rough weather!

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