Niklas Jordan

I use technology to understand a changing planet.

Hej – I am Niklas 👋,
full-time technology advocate – part-time Earth science student.

I am passionate about natural hazards, Earth observation, climate, data science, open data, low-cost technology, human rights & tech ethics. Yep, I have lots of interests. Oh wait, one more thing to know: I love rough weather!

👨‍💻 Technologist, with focus on exploring and defending Earth and society.
🔬 Studying Earth Science at The Open University.
🛰 Democratize satellite data with
🌋 Founder of DisasterTech, a community that help people in crisis situations.
🎙 Hosting the Hotspot Podcast about natural hazards.
🌳 Writing a monthly newsletter about People, Planet & Technology.

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