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5 days about (digital) resource exhaustion at #36c3

The last 5 days I was allowed to participate in my first Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig, the biggest meeting of hackers in Europe. It was an incredible experience: art installations everywhere, people on scooters and skateboards, music, many children and a very diverse audience. I have been to many conferences, many of them were commercial, but what the Chaos Communication Congress does there is incredible. The whole congress is organized and run exclusively by volunteers in their spare time. And all this in such a professional and loving way that the big, commercial conferences can still learn a lot from it.

However, I was not only allowed to participate but also to give a talk. I spoke about the Planet Friendly Web and how we can make the web more sustainable.

The recording of the talk can be watched on I held the talk in German, but there is an English and Spanish synchronisation.

In addition to my lecture, I was also able to talk to many journalists about my work and my concern to make the web more sustainable. I have spoken on ZDF Heute+ and Spiegel Online, among others. But also the FAZ and the Hungarian newspaper Sg reported about it. In January there will also be an article in the Sueddeutsche Zeitung and an episode in the radio show ZĂĽndfunk on Bayern 2.

Of course, there were many other great lectures besides my own. Some I would like to recommend to you here (for all of them there are English synchronizations):

Of course I could not watch all the talks on site. There were simply too many exciting talks running parallel to each other. I still have the following on my catch-up list:

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