Open technology in conservation & exploration: A guide for all they wants to start

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This is not a finished blog posts, it’s more or less a growing collection about all stuff around conservation technology.

I have a huuuge note file on my digital desk named It’s a 500 lines huge list of projects, people and resources about the wide topic of using technology for open research and conservation I’ve collected over the years and ideas I had to get started in this.

I had already talked to a lot of people about this topic and again and again I wanted to refer to some content in my notes. This was followed by some wild e-mails or Twitter messages. From that came the idea of this blog post and its two goals:

  1. I want you to benefit from my research and not have to do the same work searching for resources and/or projects that I’ve already done, and
  2. I would like to have a divisible, referencable and searchable list in order to be able to access this list faster and easier myself.

What is open technology and how can you use it for exploration and conservation?

The short: Open technology in exploration and conservation mean to me, using technology to improve and better understand our natural environment and creating things that will have a positive impact to our nature. Openness is a core value:

Open technology in this case is not limited to citizen science, but often there are overlaps between both topics.

A longer explanation of conservation technology, is written by Shah Selbe on Conservify.


I seperate the resources in three audiences:

*This does not include professional scientists only. It means also citizens who have deep knowldge in their topic they want to make research in.

For Beginner

For Scientists

For Technologists

Who to follow

In this section I introduce some people they are e_xperts_ on conservation technology.

A few twitter lists about people who tweet about conservation technology:

If you want to speak with people on social networks I can recommend to use these hashtags:

Projects & Organisations

Open Communities

Projects, they enables you.

In this section, I introduce some projects they provide technology or open source stuff that enables you to build something on your own.

Hardware & Sensors

Data Plattforms

Data Tools

Digital Tools

Organisations, they use conservation technology.

In this section, I introduce projects they are using technology to exploration and conservation.

Conferences & Programs



In this section I list all stories and articles about conservation technology:

Misc stuff

**Please contribute to this collection
** You know additional resources, more interesting projects or you have to contribute any other stuff like feedback, critique, …? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by mail or twitter.

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