Low Cost, Open-Source Solutions (Recap of WildLabs Meetup)

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WildLabs Virtual Meetups are webinars on a variety of topics designed to bring together leading technologists and wildlife conservationists. The three topics to be covered are Low-Cost Open-Source Solutions, Tools and Spaces for Collaboration, and Creative Approaches to Data-Driven Storytelling.

The first one in 2019 was about Low-Cost Open-Source Solutions and it was the first WildLabs Meetup I’ve joined.

This is how WildLabs described this Meetup:

Despite critical advancements in tech solutions being made available to conservationists around the world, many existing tools are cost-prohibitive in the landscapes that need them most. Additionally, those who create low-cost and open-source alternatives to pricey market tech are often operating on tight budgets themselves, meaning they have limited resources for the promotion of their solutions to a wider market. Therefore, there is a need for increased communication around these solutions to highlight their availability, share lessons learned in their creation, and avoid duplication of efforts. Arribada Initiative and OpenCollar are both examples of current efforts in this arena.

The great three speakers in this session was Alasdair Davies (Founder of Arribada Initiative, Co-Founder of Naturebytes, Conservation Technology Specialist at ZSL, and a Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow), David Lang (Co-Founder of OpenROV and Open Explorer) and Tanya Berger-Wolf (Co-Founder and Director of Wildbook.org and Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago).

What I should say: It was a very very helpful and inspirational webinar and I have absolutely recommended this for you.

Here you can find the complete recording of the meetup and there are also some notes and links around this topic on the WildLabs discussion thread.

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