A relaunch for People, Planet & Technology

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A few weeks ago, I sent a survey to all subscribers to my newsletter, People, Planet & Technology, and many of them participated. I was really surprised by a large number of respondents. This really helped me to understand who is reading my newsletter and what interests them.

Here are a few results of that:

Especially the last question surprised me enormously, and at the same time, I feel honoured. I didn’t expect that, but it shows me that there seems to be an interest in the content that connects environmental issues with technology. I will focus this way…

What is going to change

Question two was probably the most helpful question of the survey. Here I asked you what you want to read in the editions and which topics inspire you the most.

Therefore I will focus on the next issues on exactly this content:

Besides, I will make some recommendation for persons you should follow and other stuff like podcasts, videos, etc.

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A photo of me, Niklas Jordan. I wear a cap with the patagonia brand logo on it, black glasses and a grey shirt, and I'm smiling. In the backgroundThe background shows a blurred heath landscape. The photo is somewhat orange, because it was taken during the sunset.

Hey, I am Niklas Jordan. A full-time TechForGood dude and part-time Earth science student. I am passionate about natural hazards, Earth observation, human rights, climate, data science, low-cost technology & tech ethics. I am hosting a podcast about naturual hazards and technology, publish a monthly newsletter about people, planet & technology and found a international community about open source disaster tech. Oh wait, one more thing to know: I love rough weather!

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