Niklas Jordan

I like to share.

I regularly give talks on topics I care about. Some of these are using tech for social and environmental good, tech ethics, or Earth observation stuff.

In addition to speaking at conferences, I sometimes coach companies and their staff privately. If you’d be interested in a workshop or lecture, let’s talk!

Want to see a nice example? Here you can see a talk I gave at 36C3 (use the settings to get the English translation):

All my slides and past/next events you can find on β†’.

About the author

Hey, I am Niklas Jordan. A full-time TechForGood dude and part-time Earth science student. I am passionate about natural hazards, Earth observation, human rights, climate, data science, low-cost technology & tech ethics. I am hosting a podcast about naturual hazards and technology, publish a monthly newsletter about people, planet & technology and found a international community about open source disaster tech. Oh wait, one more thing to know: I love rough weather!

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with me!