We need a comment system that does justice to the web!

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I just browsed my 5 year old Moleskine collecting ideas for everything that comes to my mind on walks, conferences or in the toilet.

On page 23 I vomited about current comment systems: the WordPress comments, Disqus or Facebook comments of this world don’t do justice to the great web – neither 5 years ago, nor today.

Anyway, even today, commenting on content on the web is as if it were the beginnings of the web. I read an interesting article on a blog, want to write my opinion or comment about it and zack… everyone on this blog can read it under the respective article. Sounds good, doesn’t it? No, it doesn’t. What about the reactions of Twitter to this article or with contributions of other bloggers that refer to the article? You can only find them if you search for them…

Already at that time I thought the whole Commentary-Wirr-Warr should work like this: I read a good article and would like to react to this article. I simply go to the platform of my choice, whether my own blog, Twitter, Facebook, whatever, and write my comments on it. From my comments, a discussion on Twitter emerges, people interfere and talk. And the whole thing can also be found under the original article. Conversely, I find all discussions, opinions and comments about this article under articles – no matter on which platform. Wouldn’t that be a dream? Wouldn’t that be a comment system that would do justice to the web?

Already a few months ago I heard about the IndieWeb movement, which wanted to make networked content visible and emphasized access to its own data. In this context I read from Chris Aldrich on A List Apart about Webmentions. When I read the article my eyes started to glow and I thought: “That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for”. A “comment”-function as the web deserves it!

Now I’ve made you quite washy, haven’t I? I’m sure you’re already slipping back and forth on your chairs and thinking “Whhoooaaa! What are webmentions? Say already… SAAAYYYY. IT!!!! OOOHHHHH. HOW DOES THAT WORK, DUUUDDEE!!!!”.

I understand you. So it went to me also.

Here is a short answer by Jeremy Keith.

Basically, it’s an equivalent to pingback. Let’s say I write something here on adactio.com. Suppose that prompts you to write something in response on your own site. A web mention is a way for you to let me know that your response exists.

There are already some very good articles, which I will link to you here. There you will find all the information you need to start it yourself:

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